Active carbon filter carboNOX

Biogas can contain large quantities of poisonous hydrogen sulphide depending upon the fermentation process and which input materials are used. This gas can cause permanent damage to gas engines or other consumers of the biogas.
Depending on concentration, the majority of the hydrogen sulphide gas can be effectively removed by using an ennox active carbon filter.
We provide you with active carbon filters either as single or double units, according to the size of the system. The filters can be easily installed between the biogas reactor and the consumer. They are maintenance free and user friendly.
Depending upon the sulphur content, the content of hydrogen sulphide in the biogas can be removed to the detection threshold.


  • Optimal removal of hydrogen sulphide and siloxane from the biogas
  • Increase in efficiency of the biogas system
  •  Reduction of maintenance costs of the consumer
  • TÜV certificate
  • Cost saving and environmental use
  • Low pressure drop, optimal suiting to actual operating conditions
  • Simple design, maintenance free and user friendly


  • Used for the removal of unpleasant odours in emmissions
  • Retrofitting of existing systems
  • EEG Bonus for Formaldehyde removal