Automatic gas flare NOXmatic / NOXmatic NANO

The NOXmatic comprises the most up-to-date quality gas are technology ensuring the safe, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion of gases from landfill, bio and sewage gas systems.
Depending on the application parameters and the required combustion characteristics, the ares are supplied as either low or medium temperature units supplied with the required additional burner technology. For special requirements i.e., landfill gas application, the customer can implement our innovative and low emission NOXtor burner.
The NOXmatic are is equipped with its own programmable controller, resulting in all ignitions, monitoring and safety functions are carried out independently by the are. The complete control / monitoring system is housed in its own cabinet.
We deliver these systems worldwide with capacities ranging from 100 kW to 20 MW.


  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Low acoustic and emissions according to TA-Luft
  • Partially contained or contained combustion
  • Fully automatic control, flame monitoring and ignition
  • Certified armatures
  • Incl. ATEX- deflagration security
  • Operating range 1 : 3
  • Manufactured entirely from stainless steel
  • Made in Austria


  • Equipment for CDM applications
  • Winter packet (frost protection for armatures)
  • Multi level burner = wider operating range
  • NOXtor for environmentally friendlier combustion
  • Flame temperature monitoring
  • Pressure control
  • Large combustion chamber and are cap
  • Own gas blower and accessories
  • Spare parts set