Biomethane flare NOXmatic BM

The modern preparation of biogas to more efficient, use and transport friendlier biomethane becomes more and more popular.
During preparation of the biogas, removal of CO2 and other basic components of the gas resutls in a dramatic change of the gas specific Wobbe Index and therefore new requirements for specification of the flare burner.
ennox gas flares can be specially configured for the burning of biogas and biomethane. The fully customized burner technology and combustion chamber design guarantees an efficient and environmentally friendly combustion of the gas.
The complete ennox reange of accessories i.e, compressor station, temperature monitoring and winter packet can of course alse be used with the biomethane gas flare.


  • Fully automatic, monitored gas are according to TA Luft
  • Burner configuration for the combustion of biomethane and biogas
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Global experience with an international team
  • Made in Austria


  • Gas cleaning equipment (condensate drain, various lters)
  • Gas pressure boost blower, complete station upon request
  • System specification and planning, supervision