Gas dome GAD

The gas dome or gas cover is used first and foremost as the basis for various attachments for digesters, i.e., foam traps, gas extraction units, safety devices, mixers, measurement units etc., and secondly as an access point into the digester. For both applications the gas dome should be adequately dimensioned in order to meet all requirements.
ennox gas domes comprise of a base unit with a single or multiple sealing collar joint, which is mounted hermetically tight into the concrete digester roof. The cover is then mounted to the base unit along with all required accessories.
Every gas dome can be configured according to the customer’s unique application requirements. We guarantee a thorough and professional consultation – from the technical specification through to the final design.
ennox gas domes are manufactured almost entirely from 1.4571 stainless steel; some add-on components may be manufactured from alternative materials such as gunmetal (red bronze) or black steel (generally aluminium or magnesium is forbidden).


  • Best possible design according to customer requirements
  • Diameter and sealing collar customisable
  • Robust and maintenance free
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Made in Austria


  • Height, diameter and design customisable
  • Assembled components can be supplied
  • Mixer flange upon request