NOXmatic / NOXtreme CDM

Since the implementation of the Kyoto treaty the industry has seen a widespread development and tightening of regulations governing greenhouse emissions for the reduction of CO emissions.
The issuing of the so called CO certificate not only calls for the Methane gas to be to be burnt in gas flares according to the UNFCC regulations, but also requires the logging and forwarding of the gas quantity and combustion data.
In addition to flow rate and combustion measurement sensors with signal output, ennox delivers required gas flare systems, condensate drainage,gas cleaning, volume flow rate- and combustion temperature measurements components and compressor for CDM projects.
We can fully customise the equipment for you to each and every project.


  • Fully automatic and monitored gas flare according to TA Luft
  • CDM equipment – temperature, flowrate measurement with signal output
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Global experience in an international team
  • Made in Austria


  • Gas cleaning technology (condensate drain, various filters)
  • Gas pressure boost blower, complete station upon request
  • System specification and planning, supervision