The gas production of biogas plant, sewage or landfill plant can be impacted by volume fluctuations. The same applies for the gas utilization. For compensation and optimization of these peaks the so-called gas storages are used.

Depending on the construction and operating mode, a distinction is made between an integrated and external biogas storage respectively between a low,-middle and high pressure storage.

Ennox offers two different kind of storage systems, the gas storage without pressure and the double membrane storage. For special applications it is also possible to get a customized solution.

Double membrane gasholder NOXstore DM

For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers a storage of the produced biogas is required.
The holder is made up of two spherical shaped polymer membranes (other forms are also possible), lying one inside the other. The external membrane is maintained in a stable form with the use of an air blower. The external membrane then serves as protector for the inner membrane against the influence of environmental factors such as wind or snow.
The gas is stored within the inner membrane. The pressure generated by the blower is applied to the outside surface of the inner membrane, thus, maintaining the system pressure from the biogas reactor. The movement of the inner membrane during inflation and deflation is recorded either with a cabled sensor or radar. The information is then converted into a level indication signal and sent to a central control system.
The regulation of the supporting air resulting in the stability of the external membrane is controlled by a standard pressure maintaining valve. A special over pressure valve is responsible for the safety within the inner membrane.

Low pressure gasholder NOXstore

For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers, a storage of the produced biogas is required.
ennox has developed the NOXstore gas holding system for the zero pressure or fluctuating pressure storage of biogas from the digester.
The storage of the biogas/sewage gas is made in a cylindrical gas bag which is freely hung in a building or silo. The silo serves in this case as an effective supporting and protective construction.
The storage systems are designed according to the latest governing international standards and regulations i.e., DWGW, ÖWAV, DWA, SUWA, safety regulations for biogas systems.
The gas bag is manufactured from a high quality polyester membrane (non-flammable, fungus repellant and methane/UV resistant) utilizing the most modern frequency welding techniques.
ennox offers not only the design, construction and installation of the gas storage system, but also the subsequent ongoing inspection and maintenance of the system by fully qualified and authorized personnel.

Pressure increase blower RAV

We supply our customers with radial ventilators for the increase in system pressure in biogas operations, either as an individual unit or as a complete blower station with all internal pipework and instrumentation. The ventilators can be either directly driven or with equipped with a belt drive. They are suitable for ATEX zone 1. The flowrate can be infinitely adjusted by using an optional frequency inverter. The radial ventilators are suitable for flowrates up to 2000 m3/h and a pressure increase up to 160 mbar (or 320 mbar with a multi-phase system).