On biogas, sludge or pyrolysis plants gas flares ensure, that during an operational disruption in the gas production, all the produced gas can be removed safely by combusting it. Due to the combustion process, the toxic and explosive gases are transformed into less harmful gases.

Ennox offers gas flares for diverse application areas- from “standard” flares for bio- or sludge gas flares to the wood- or pyrolysis flares, landfill gas flares as well as combustion of non-flammable industrial gases or exhaust air.

According to the requirements we can supply simple open flares or low-emission high-temperature flares with an automatic regulation of the combustion.

Automatic gas flare NOXmatic / NOXmatic NANO

Our core business is the most up-to-date quality gas flare technology for a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion of gases from landfill, bio and sewage gas systems.

Our fully automatic flare NOXmatic with its extensive range of accessories can be suited for every low and medium temperature combustion application. With various burner systems we can cover the complete spectrum of power requirements in single or multi-stage operation.

The NOXmatic flare is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and equipped with high quality components (i.e., ATEX certified flame arresters, DVGW certified automatic and manual valves…).

All control and monitoring functions are achieved with an individual programmable controller, which also governs the signal transfer with the main controller.

NOXmatic flares can be delivered worldwide with a capacity from 100kW to 20MW.

Biomethane flare NOXmatic BM

Modern and large biogas systems for biogas upgrading to natural gas quality is becoming more popular. Here the biogas is treated for the complete removal of all unwanted gaseous materials and fed into the gas network or alternatively used as fuel in vehicles.

Here the technical requirements of the gas flare become even more critical, as the flare is now not only to be suitable for use with pure biogas, but also must be compatible with biomethane with a methane content of > 95%.

This is no problem for our modern NOXmatic BM flare for biogas and biomethane. With flexible burner technology we can combust both materials safely, efficiently and with low emissions.

The broad range of accessories for the NOXmatic standard flare is also available to our customers. With this offering we are able to meet all the individual requirements of our customers and their applications.

Flares for pyrolysis gas, syngas and wood gas

During the pyrolysis process the biomass is split into its solid, fluid and gaseous components. The solid and fluid parts are used as combustibles. Thereby pyrolysis gas is formed which is a high-energy gas and can be used for different kind of applications. Gases with a similar composition are generated for example in the fuel industry.
The main difference between the “classical” biogas and the pyrolysis gas is the completely different composition, in most cases the high gas temperature and the pollution in the gas. This makes an alternative fitting technology as well as control system necessary.
The flares have to be in accordance with the technical requirements and with the demanded safety standards. Our team will assist you to find the right flare for your standard.

High temperature flare NOXtreme

High temperature combustion in gas flares is required when specific combustion parameters must be adhered to (TA Luft, governmental or local regulations) for reasons pertaining to the environment. One such parameter includes, but is not limited to, the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen oxide (NOX).

With special burner technology and a suitable combustion chamber suitable for temperatures > 1000°C, the ennox high temperature flare provides for and controls the correct combustion temperature. Our flares are designed to satisfy even the most demanding applications.
At the heart of the NOXtreme flare control is the fully automatic control from the NOXmatic unit, which, if required can be extended to meet the actual project demands.

The temperature control of the combustion process can be achieved either with a manual or automatic combustion air regulator.

Landfill gas cleaning and safe incineration

Every year, millions of tons of household garbage and other refuse are deposited in landfills around the world. Biochemical decomposition processes of organic bonds in these landfills produce up to 150 – 250 m³ of landfill gases per tonne of household garbage.

Due to a methane content of up to 60%, landfill gas ranks number six on the list of climate-disrupting methane producers worldwide, but it is also an important source of energy with enormous potential if used sensibly.

Up to a content level of approximately 40% methane, landfill gas may still be recovered usefully in modern block heating plants. The important factor in this case is an effective and project-specific pre-cleaning process for the gas.

Manual gas flare ECO

The robust and maintenance free flare suitable for small biogas systems, special installations or when an automatic gas flare is not specified.

The ECO flare is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and equipped with high quality components (i.e., ATEX certified flashback prevention, DVGW certified manual flap…).

Ignition of the electrode is carried out with the simple press of a button located in the control cabinet.

The complete equipment for automatic operation is available for easy retrofit. An ignition system rated for 12VDC is available upon request.

NOXmatic / NOXtreme CDM

Since the implementation of the Kyoto treaty in February 2005 the world has seen a widespread development and tightening of regulations governing greenhouse emissions. The Kyoto treaty has provided an incentive for industrialized and developing nations alike to invest in the reduction of emissions.
To get the required CO2 – certificates out of JI- and CDM projects it is necessary not only to ensure the correct and sustainable treatment of the methane gas according to local regulations, but also to reliably collect and save the data in a manner which inhibits any possible manipulation.
ennox delivers the required gas scrubbers, pressure stations, flare and additional measurement and recording components for your JI/CDM- project.